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Creatively mixed with your feline fix.

Our Team

Savanna Pena

Owner & Founder

For all of her life, Savanna has lived with (and loved) multiple cats at a time. She has a passion for animals (cats specifically) and for helping others. She wanted to combine these two passions, and in doing so created This & That with Cats.

Marlene Prada

Managing Director

Marlene has been a lifelong animal lover, but it wasn’t until recently that she was able to have a cat of her own and fell in love. After visiting a cat café in Tokyo, she instantly felt the relaxed atmosphere and environment she hopes to help bring one to Miami.

Ellie Daigle

Marketing Director

Ellie has love cats her whole life. She is a photographer and went to school for marketing. Being able to bring her two passions together, cameras and cats is an ultimate dream come true. She can't wait to see what great things the Cat Cafe can do for Miami.

South Florida is full of emerging and senstional Artists. When we are finding our rescue cats homes and providing them shelter, we want to invite our SoFlo Artists in join. We hold Art classes that you (and our cats) are welcome to join. While learning a new style of art, you‘re also supporting a great cause. THE ARTISTS
It is estimated that well over 60 million cats are homeless, living on the streets. A Cat Cafe is another altenative to a shelter. We‘ll be housing 100% adoptable cats that you can visit when you need your feline fix. If it‘s a perfect match - you can adopt your new friend (or two) and take them home! THE CATS